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University Advising Center

Virtual Advisor

Services for Current or Returning Undergraduate Students

(Prospective students who have never attended Fresno State must contact University Outreach Services)

Undeclared Advising/Major Exploration 

University Advising Center helps students who have not yet declared a major or who are in the process of changing their major. We encourage you to explore your options with the help of one of our counselors.

General Education Advising

We provide General Education advising to students who are not in the following colleges:  College of Arts and Humanities, Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and College of Social Sciences.  All other students see your major advisor.

Probation and Disqualification Advising

University Advising Center specializes in helping students in academic probation or disqualification. Please make an appointment with an University Advising Center counselor to make a plan for academic success.

Class Registration

We can help you with class schedule planning, searching for classes, or assist with registration problems. We WILL NOT enroll you in class or make your schedule for you. If you are needing a Permission Number contact that department directly, our office does not give out Permission Numbers. 

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

Our advisors can assist you with reviewing and learning how to read your DPR. Please bring a recently printed copy of your DPR to the appointment. If you are thinking of changing your major we can run a What-If-DPR for the new major. 

Academic Petitions

We facilitate academic petitions for substitutions or exceptions to the General Education and the Upper Division Writing Skills requirement. Generally, these are for courses taken from an out-of-state institution or through a Study Abroad program.

Note: We do NOT facilitate petitions for major requirements. Please visit your academic department.

To retroactively drop (or add) a class or withdraw from an entire semester for justifiable reasons, you may submit a Record Adjustment petition form.

Special Major Advising

If you would like to design an academic program not offered by the university, you may petition to design a special major. Make an appointment with a counselor in our office for more information.

Returning Students

If you formerly attended Fresno State and stopped out before completing your bachelor’s degree, we can help guide you toward the successful completion of your degree.

Grade Protest

If you receive a grade in a course that you believe was assigned incorrectly, unfairly, prejudicially, or capriciously please review the Grade Protest policy here and contact our office if necessary for assistance.

Sixty-Plus Fee Waiver Program

The 60+ Fee Waiver Program is a fee-reduction program for students who have reached the age of 60. If you have been formally admitted to the university and are pursuing a degree, you may qualify for the 60+ Fee Waiver program. Check here for more information.

Four-Year Graduation Plan

First-time, first-semester freshman may enroll in the Degree Guarantee Program to facilitate graduation in four years. See an academic counselor in our office for more details.