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University Advising Center

Repeating Courses

Undergraduate students may register for courses a second time only if they earned a grade of D, F, IC, or WU during the first attempt and have not exceeded 28 units of repeated coursework.

Undergraduate students may not register to take a course more than two times until they complete the Third Attempt Form, meet with major advisor, obtain verification of all of the following conditions, and submit the verification to the major department chair for approval:

  1. have not exceeded 28 units of repeated coursework,
  2. received a grade of D, F, IC, or WU upon the second attempt of the course,
  3. the course to be repeated is a program requirement,
  4. the program they are pursuing requires a grade of C or higher in the course to fulfill a program requirement, and
  5. there are no other courses in the catalog that can be used to fulfill the program requirement.
  6. this is not a 4th or more attempt

The chair will not grant this approval unless all of above conditions are met.

If the request is approved, the student submits the required paperwork to the Admissions and Records Office, Joyal 106.