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HireFresnoState ProTips

Want your internship or job posting to get more traction from students and recent graduates? Here is an insider tip on how to attract them to your positions.

We get over 3,000 thousand jobs posted on HireFresnoState every year, many of which are open to hiring students from any major. While the “Select All Majors" function might make sense for some job/internship postings, students see this as a negative.

When students create a filtered search, they only want positions that pertain to their major or certain industries. If I am a student searching for internships in early childhood education, I probably don’t want to see Management Trainee Internship or Parking Attendant as part of my search. So, while a management trainee opportunity may be open to all majors, try focusing on the majors you would like to heavily target, like Business Administration, Ag Business, Psychology, Communications and/or Liberal Studies.

If you still are not getting the candidate pool you are looking for, consult our Employer Relations team so we can talk with you about your engagement strategy, as well as building your brand at Fresno State.

HireFresnoState Statistics 2018/19

Student Logins
12,960 students logged into HireFresnoState at least once during the 2018/19 Academic Year (AY).

Total Logins
Total student logins were over 115,000 during the 2018/19 AY. That is highest number of student logins ever on record for HireFresnoState.

Approved Job Postings on HireFresnoState
3586 jobs were posted and approved on HireFresnoState this past academic year. That is a 7.43% increase from the 2017/18 academic year.

Job Posting Views
Job postings were viewed a total of 213,025 times by students and alumni. On average, each job posted on HireFresnoState was viewed by 59 potential candidates.