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Student Health and Counseling Center

Basic Needs

The minimum necessary elements people need in order to succeed in their goals; these include food, clothing, shelter, safety.

If you are experiencing challenges with food access, housing, or finances, Fresno State wants to ensure you have resources available to you in your time of need. 


Having a safe place to live is a basic need and your safety and well-being is important. Fresno State has an emergency housing program. This is a short-term solution, available to students who are in an unsafe situation, are "couch surfing," have been evicted or kicked out of their residence, and do not have a consistent, safe and affordable housing option. All you need to do is reach out and we will help.

Students in need of emergency housing will be required to meet with a Case Manager for assistance which includes the assistance of meal vouchers to the Residence Dining Hall, toiletries and bedding.  

Case Managers provide students with meal vouchers to the residence dining hall for after hours and weekends when other campus resources are not available. We also can provide small denomination giving gift cards to local eateries. We prioritize the student's basic needs to ensure their success.  

It's hard to focus on your studies when you aren't sure where your next meal is coming from. The Food Security Project provides students with food and resources to to help ensure their success.