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Student Health and Counseling Center

Immunization Information Submission Instructions

  1. Click to go to your Student Health Portal.

  2. Sign in with your Fresno State email username and password. If you have not yet created your email account, please go to the account creation page.

  3. Perform Multifactor Authentication using Duo when prompted. If you have not yet set up Duo, please go to the 2-Step Authentication setup page.

  4. Click the Medical Clearances link on the left.

    Image of Medical Clearances link

  5. Click the Update button next to one of the items marked Not compliant.

    Image of Iz update button

  6. Enter the vaccination date(s) and select the appropriate vaccine from the drop-down list.
    Enter the date and results of your titer lab test.

    Image of Hepititis B entry window

  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for each immunization with status of Not Compliant.

  8. Click the Update button next to TB screen, complete the form then click the Submit button.

    Image of TB Screen

  9. Click the Update button next to Immunization Record.

    Image of Immunization Record upload

  10. Click the Upload button. Browse to the location of your Immunization Record file and double-click the file. Acceptable formats are gif, jpg, png, pdf.

    Image of upload immunization record window

    Image of Verify Upload window

  11. If it is in the wrong orientation, too bright or too dark, click the Edit Image button and use the image editor controls to adjust the image as need  then click the Save button when done editing.

    Image of Edit Image window

  12. Click the Looks Good button to upload your Immunization Record.

If there are any questions about your submissions, you will receive an email alerting you to sign into the Student Health Portal and read a secure message for more information.

If you have not received any secure messages after 10 business days, log in to the Student Health Portal and check the status under Medical Clearances. If the status is still Not Compliant after 10 business days, please call the Student Health and Counseling Center at 559-278-2734 for further assistance.

Thank you for your assistance maintaining a healthy campus community.