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Services for Students with Disabilities

SSD's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) offers quick answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to the SSD office. More information is provided below on SSD's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please contact the SSD office by email at or by phone at 559-278-2811 for more information.

SSD Office FAQs

Please complete the SSD online application. Please visit SSD's Apply for Services website for more informaiton.

While no formal documentation may be necessary to establish accommodations, the following may help guide the conversation with your AAS and provide additional information in relation to the disability:  Medical Record, Psychoeducational testing, School Records (IEP, 504, etc.), Documentation from your community college. Please visit SSD's Apply for Services website for more informaiton.

The mySSD Portal is an online accommodation management system designed for students to request academic accommodations as well as assist faculty members in being able to implement the accommodations in their course. Please access the mySSD Portals below.

Please contact the SSD Office at 559-278-2811 or at to schedule an appointment with a staff member. 

We currently do not do any onsite testing. We can provide community resources for assessments. Please contact the office for more information. 

Please contact your Access Specialist or contact the office to schedule an appointment to discuss any concerns. 

A compalint can be submitted through SSD with the Complaint Resolution form, or can be submitted through the campus by using the Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation (DHR) form. Please visit SSD's Complaint Resolution website for more informaiton.

Access Specialist Services FAQs

For academic advising and information about your DPR and path to graduation, you will want to see your Major Advisor.  Your Access Specialists are able to assist with accommodations, disability related concerns, professor concerns as well as some general academic advising (adding/dropping a class, etc.). 

Services are based on a student’s disability and functional limitation in the academic setting. Your accommodations may vary depending on the availability of programs offered, technology offered, etc. 

No, you would need to complete an application/intake with our office to set up services at Fresno State. 


Reading Services / Alternate Media FAQs

Recommended (But Not Required) Reading Assignments: Upon request, the instructor-recommended reading assignments will be converted into requested alternate media formats when needed for a course. The standard production turnaround times will not apply to recommended readings, which have lower priority than those requests for required readings. SSD recommends ascertaining if the request for alternate media is required or recommended instructional material(s). Upon receiving a request for recommended materials, the SSD Alt-Media production team will provide an estimated completion date.

The student is required to purchase or rent each book that they are requesting to satisfy copyright laws. Students must show proof of ownership (such as a purchase or rental receipt) before releasing materials.

Proof of purchase/rental textbooks can be submitted either by email at or by filling out the following online Textbook Receipts form.

It is beneficial for the student to complete the requests (6) weeks before the beginning of the semester, as resources are more readily available.

Requests will be processed in the order received with students whose disabilities severely limit their access given the highest priority.

Depending on workflow and demand, students may receive their alternative media in installments.

Late requests will be honored with the understanding that SSD staff will set the timeline for completion of the work accordingly. This might also determine a need to produce alternative media in installments.

Accessibility Resources offers a variety of accessible formats of text. These include the following formats:

  • E-text  (PDF or Word doc.)
  • Large print
  • Braille

Immediate Access (IA) is course materials (digital/web versions of your books, assignments, etc.) that can be purchased through Canvas. The material is posted inside of your Canvas course throughout the add/drop dates. You may choose to purchase the IA material or opt-out and purchase your material another way. Please explore this option if it is available to you. Some professors REQUIRE you to use the book offered through Canvas.

This IA option of the textbook provides an embedded reader within the program and, depending on the material, can be read by utilizing Read&Write software. Please note, not all IA materials, including textbooks and assignments, are compatible with accessibility software such as Read&Write, JAWS, and other text-to-speech software and devices.  If this option is not sufficient or your textbook(s) are not available in a digital format, please contact the Alternate Media Coordinator.

Assistive Technology FAQs

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item or piece of equipment that can include software programs or hardware systems used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of an individual with disabilities. These items can be low-tech such as a magnifying glass, or high-tech such as speech recognition.

Fresno State provides a literacy software for every faculty, staff, and student called Read&Write that is available on all computers on campus as well as on your personal devices.

The SSD office offers assistive software such as the JAWS screen reader software, Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, and others to assist students on campus in our Assistive Computer Lab and Testing Rooms.

The SSD office has a limited inventory of devices that are available for checkout to SSD students free of cost to assist in with their approved accommodations.

  • Portable CCTV
  • Large Magnifier
  • LiveScribe Smartpens
  • Personal FM Systems
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Talking Calculators
  • Digital On-Screen Microscope
  • Noise Canceling Headsets
  • Refreshable Braille Display
  • Adaptive Mice (Trackball, Mouse pad, Joy Stick)
  • Adaptive Keyboards (Adjustable and High Contrast)
  • Video/Web Camera
  • Headsets with Microphone

  • Large CCTVs
  • Large Magnifier
  • Talking Calculators
  • Digital On-Screen Microscope
  • Noise Canceling Headsets
  • Refreshable Braille Display
  • Adaptive Mice (Trackball, Mouse pad, Joy Stick)
  • Adaptive Keyboards (Adjustable and High Contrast)
  • Video/Web Camera
  • Headsets with Microphone

  • Agriculture Bldg. - Room 101 - PC #10, #11, #12
  • Thomas Bldg. - Career Services - Room 103
  • Industrial Technology Bldg. Room 512 - PC #20 and #24
  • Fresno State Library - Lower Level – (Ask at Front Desk)
  • Fresno State Library – 1st Floor – Behind DISCOVERe Hub (Ask Reference Desk)
  • Testing Services – (Ask Testing Staff)
  • Social Sciences - Room 202 Lab

Yes! Please contact the SSD Office at 559-278-2811 or at to schedule an appointment with the Assistive Technology Coordinator.

Testing Services FAQs

  • Extended time on exams
  • Private and/or quiet rooms
  • Readers and Scribes
  • Computer for typing essays exams and online exams
  • Large print exams
  • Sign Language interpreters (for oral instructions)
  • Assistive Technology

Private room accommodation provides the student a separate room space.

Quiet room accommodation provides the student a testing area that is quiet and not in the regular classroom.

Yes, you need to submit your faculty notification first before submitting your test request. 

To help ensure that you are provided your testing accommodations you will need to fill out either of the following online forms.

In person test accommodations at SSD fill out the request:

The exam request should be submitted at least 5 business days before your exam date. This will help ensure your professor receives the request and is granted enough time to provide accommodations.

If you were not able to submit your request in a timely manner or did not submit a request at all and need your accommodations the day of email the Testing Accommodations Specialist at A last minute request cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled, however the testing coordinator will reach out to your professor in efforts to provide the accommodations. 

Communication Access FAQs

  • Interpreting Services
  • Real Time Captioning Services (RTC)
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • UbiDuo two-way communication systems

SSD students can request an interpreter for their classes and custom campus requests by visiting the mySSD Student Portal.

Campus groups and organizations can request an interpreter for their event using our Campus Interpreter Request form.

  • Standard practice is two weeks, however we strive to accommodate all requests submitted.
  • A minimum of three days advance notice is required due to the difficulty in scheduling a Sign Language Interpreter or Captionist(s). 
    • An effort will be made to fulfill requests made on short notice, with the understanding that Sign Language Interpreter(s) or Captionist(s) may not be available.

For more information about Sign Language Interpreting, please visit our Working with Sign Language Interpreters page.

For more information about Real-Time Captioning, please visit our Working with Captioning Services page.

  • Services for Students Disability Office – Library 1st floor – south wing
    • The SSD office also has a unit available for check-out for students registered with their office.
  • Joyal Admission & Registrar Offices
  • Fresno State Library-Reference Desk
  • Learning Center / Support Net – Library in the lower level
  • University Health & Psychological Services
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Office
  • Academic Advising Services
  • Scholarship Office
  • Career Center
  • Center for Women and Culture
  • University Student Union – Information and Ticket Office
  • University Courtyard – Student Housing
  • Student Recreation Center

Please visit the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) website as well as the campus Accessibility website for more captioning informaiton.

Accessible Furniture FAQs

Due to the limited availability, you need to be an SSD student, who receives accessible furniture as an academic accommodation.  Please speak with your Access Specialist if you wish to set this up. If you need to set up services, please contact

If you are a faculty member or staff member, please contact HR at 559-278-2032 to arrange for accommodations.

Please submit your request through the Accessible Furniture Request form in your mySSD Portal.

SCOUT Services FAQs

SCOUT is a limited mobility service that is only available for students with very specific disabilities, or students who utilize this service prior to Spring 2020. 

Please contact the SSD office to schedule an appointment with an Access Specialist.

Note-Taking Services FAQs

You need to be an SSD student, who receives note-taking as an academic accommodation.  Please speak with your Access Specialist if you wish to discuss this accommodation. If you need to set up services, please contact

Please visit the mySSD Student Portal  and visit the Notetaking Services website for more information on if you have a note-taker or if notes are available to you yet. 

Please email the SSD office at to find out more information regarding your services.

Please complete the Volunteer Note-Taker Application form to volunteer to be a note-taker for a student registered with SSD.

For more information, please visit this SSD’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact the SSD office by email at or by phone at 559-278-2811 for more information.