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Student Involvement

Student Parents Resourcesparentresources

Are you a parent of children under 18 years old? Check out these resources and services for student parents.

Fresno State Programs for Children includes three centers. The Campus Children's Infant/Toddler Center, The Campus Children's Preschool Center and the Joyce M. Huggins Early Education Center. The centers provide services for children between the ages of 3 months and 12 years. The program works in partnership  with Fresno State and the larger community to provide opportunities for learning and for developing partnerships that will benefit young children and families.

Infant-Toddler (3 months-2 years)

Preschool (3 years - 6 years)

School Age (5 years - 12 years)

Fresno State recognizes the importance and benefits of nursing and lactation support for mothers and their newborn and young infants. The University is committed to providing faculty, staff and students who are nursing mothers with reasonable breaks and clean and functional lactation stations.

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A new addition to your family doesn’t subtract the support You receive as a Fresno State student know your rights as a pregnant or parenting student to maintain your academic status. Under Title IX, sex discrimination – including discrimination on the basis of a student’s pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from any of these – is prohibited in Fresno State educational programs and activities. Please refer to the link for information on pregnancy-related absences.

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Fresno State's Student Cupboard is a free food and hygiene pantry for current Fresno State students. Items such as baby food, baby wipes, and diapers, are sometimes available.

Stations in both women and men’s restrooms are available throughout campus.

A highchair is available to accommodate small children while dining with their parents.

Fresno State offers educational and athletic programming for children throughout the community. Programs often available to Fresno State students’ children include:

- NASA Aerospace Academy

- Youth Technology Institute

- Explore Engineering Saturday Academy

- Engineering Summer Camp

- Kids Invent! Camp

The purpose of the Breastfeeding Coalition Student Group is to provide students with opportunities for association and interaction with the faculty and administration of California State University Fresno and to assist in educating the Fresno State population on the benefits of breastfeeding, to promote, support and protect the practice of breastfeeding.  It is our goal to create a family friendly campus through activities and advocacy.