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Fresno State Esports

Intramural Tournaments

Upcoming Events

In collaboration with the Student Recreation Center, tournaments in various video game titles are offered for free to current Fresno State students, faculty and staff of any skill or experience level. Register for upcoming tournaments at


To maintain our standard for sportsmanship, all participants must follow our code of conduct, outlined below:

  • Be a good sport whether win or lose.
  • Know that people online are real people and your words have real impact.
  • Set a positive example with your behavior.
  • Speak up against discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and abuse.
  • Show integrity by honoring the rules, your opponents, and your teammate(s).
  • Stop, listen and reassess if you’re told that your words or actions are harmful.
  • Respect others, even if their sincere opinions are different from your own.


Participants are expected to adhere to our guidelines and specific tournament rules, which are in place to support participants and fairness within tournaments.

Fresno State Affiliation

Intramurals are open to current Fresno State students (undergraduate and graduate) in good academic standing. Certain events may be open to faculty, staff, alumni and the public, if stated.


Players must be registered on the correct platform and for the correct game title for each league. Players owning accounts with inappropriate or offensive names will be asked to change their name, register a different account, or be disqualified from the season.

Participation Across Tournaments

Players can only play for one team in each tournament. For example, a player may not play for one League of Legends team and then also play for a different League of Legends team during the course of the tournament or during finals. However, players can join multiple tournaments, as long as their match times don’t conflict.

Team Names

Any teams with inappropriate or offensive names will be asked to change their name. We recommend using your gamertag.

Number of Players

Team roster sizes are determined by each league individually. (Solo games will not have substitutes.) Each team must meet the minimum roster requirement as designated by their league, with optional substitutes, to qualify for league play when the season begins.

Sportsmanship Rating

Traditionally Intramurals implement a two-tier rating system. Each team will also rate their opponents on a scale from 1 to 4:

 4 = Outstanding
 3 = Acceptable
 2 = Needs improvement
 1 = Unacceptable

Teams must have at least a 3.0 average sportsmanship rating throughout the season to make finals. Scores below a 3 will need a comment when inputted. In the event of discrepancies, Tournament Administrators will adjust sportsmanship rating.

Before Each Match...

  • Captains will confirm with tournament administrators that their team’s starting roster is set.
  • Before the first match of the season, captain/players must review the ruleset and make sure all captains know how to set up lobbies.
  • Ask any questions/troubleshoot issues that may come up.

After Each Match...

  • The winning team/player will input the final score.
  • The losing team must go in to accept the final score. (For Issues regarding the score, email
  • Scores will update on the IMLeagues site within 24 hours.
  • Administrators will respond to questions and comments from teams if there are any accusations of cheating or low sportsmanship scores.
  • If there are multiple matches in one day, repeat steps as necessary.


Each team must show up ready to play at the official match time. If a team does not have a full roster 10 minutes after the match time, their opponent may take a screenshot of the game lobby and request a win by forfeit by emailing

Pauses and Disconnections

Each Tournament should determine their own policy for pauses and disconnections and at what point a forfeit is awarded. In general, the tournament organizers are not responsible for each player’s personal connection or software or hardware issues.

Winners and Prizes

Announcements about prizes may take place throughout the season. Distribution of prizes will be communicated with champtions and adhere to healthy and safety guidelines.

All winners will be announced via our social media channels.The final standings for each tournament will be posted on the intramural tournaments webpage.

Prior to Streaming...

All parties must consent to matches being streamed. If the voice chat will be features, conduct guidelines will be provided by our staff.

Streaming Platform and Channel

Our staff will provide select coverage via social media and our official streaming channel ( within our staffing limitations and the amount of tournaments taking place.

Players may stream on their channels with a sufficient time delay to ensure fairness and adherence to tournament rules. Each tournament's rules contain streaming guidelines; however, the default rule is to allow player streams without spectators if unspecified.

Technical Issues

For assistance troubleshooting your stream set up, email and include the tournament video game, console or device type and a phone number to reach you.



For questions or to report a breach of the code of conduct, guidelines, tournament rules or any activity to gain an unfair advantage, contact our team: • 559.278.2741