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President's Council on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (PCEDI)

A Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Respect and Equity (ASPIRE)

Offering conflict prevention and intervention services, alternative dispute resolution services.  Free of charge to Fresno State employees and students.


As part of the PCEDI, the ASPIRE Resource team consists of Fresno State faculty and staff and provides conflict prevention and intervention services as well as alternative dispute resolution services.

It is a voluntary program that offers non-judgemental/impartial support to help resolve interpersonal, intergroup, and organizational conflicts.

The use of the ASPIRE Resource Team is intended to supplement, and not supplant, current Fresno State conflict resolution methods in operation.

Each ASPIRE team member has been trained in conflict resolution through the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC). 


We provide informal facilitated conversations to discuss conflict in the workplace or classroom.  Trained facilitators assigned by the ASPIRE Resource Team serve as impartial third parties to guide the conversation toward a reasonable conclusion. Services include, but are not limited to:

An opportunity and space where others feel comfortable expressing their concerns about areas where:

  • They are uninformed
  • They need help (cultural competency, understanding differences, managing difficult dialogue, cultural faux pas, etc.)

As well as:

  • Working with managers/department chairs on workplace civility/incivility
  • Managing change: facilitated discussions


When individuals/departments are interested in increasing their cultural competence or workplace civility, the ASPIRE Resource Team is available to provide:

  • The development of a system where individuals can highlight the daily positive cross-cultural interaction that go unnoticed
  • Conflict prevention: National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)
  • Navigating difficult dialogue in the classroom and workplace
  • Regularly engage in conversations around diversity and inclusion in meetings of programs, departments, schools and colleges
  • Work with leaders and management to increase cultural competency


A preliminary review of all requests will be conducted to determine if the ASPIRE Resource Team is the appropriate resource to meet your needs, and provide an appropriate referral if necessary.

All Fresno State employees and students are eligible to request the services of the ASPIRE Resource Team.

We welcome participation by people of all abilities.


To connect with the ASPIRE Resource Team, contact Dr. Francine Oputa,