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It is a lifestyle you must master and stick to achieve your goals. When you are on top of your money, life is good.

  • First, check out Unlea$hed to start your money story. We made it easy for you to get educated about skills you will use daily for the rest of your life.

Unlea$hed Quick Reads: 

Budgeting Tool:

Short Courses (15 - 30 mins. each):


  • Next, download the Mint app.It is FREE and helps you effortlessly manage your finances all in one place. No need to check a million different places. It is all there. They got you. 

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Which came first: the savings or the investment? Spoiler- it is the savings.

  • To save money, you must first make more money than your expenses. Don't know if you do? A budget helps you figure that out. 

Have you logged into Unlea$hed yet? 

  • There is a great savings growth calculator to help you figure out how much you need to save and how long it will take to reach your goals.
  • Next, use the Mint app to take control of your savings plan by putting purchasing power right in the palm of your hand. 

We hope that you don't have a lot of debt. But, if you do or if you are planning on taking out student loans, we can still help.

Student loans are a great way to minimize the amount of time you stay in college, because who wants to sit in a classroom when you could be earning real money in a career?

Unlea$hed has an awesome loan repayment calculator that uses REAL amounts based on loans you have already borrowed in college. Log in to check it out!


Unlea$hed Quick Reads: 

Short Courses (12 - 20 mins. each):



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