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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Concerning or Disruptive Students

What is disruptive behavior?

Depending on the size and nature of your class what is considered "disruptive" may vary. In general, one could consider behavior that interferes with, disrupts, or prevents normal classroom functions or activities. Disruptive behaviors can range from mildly distracting to clearly disorderly, violent, or dangerous. Disruption in the classroom might include:

  • Side conversations, ringing cell phones or using a cell phone to talk or send text messages

  • Interrupting the instructor or other students

  • Monopolizing class discussion and refusing to defer to instructor, or listen to others; persisting when the instructor has indicated that the student’s remarks are off topic and it is time to move on

  • Entering late/leaving early, moving about the classroom

  • Filming, photographing, or taping the class

  • Reading, sleeping, eating, drinking, or not paying attention

  • Showing up to class under the influence of alcohol/drugs

If a student continues to disrupt the class after being asked to stop, and/or is seriously disruptive of the instructional setting, please report the incident as outlined in the Disruptive Classroom Behavior policy.


What is concerning behavior?

Depending on your relationship with the student, you may notice she/he/they:

  • Exhibits an abrupt change in performance, behavior, or appearance

  • Engages in bizarre behavior or seems to be disconnected from reality

  • Engages in behavior that causes you or others to be concerned for safety (e.g. yelling, intimidation, name-calling)

  • Threatens to harm him/herself/themselves or others

  • Writes about committing violent acts

  • Is consistently angry or depressed

  • Housing or food insecure

  • In need of community referrals and/or resources

If you feel uneasy or concerned about a student, please contact the CARE TeamIf the student's conduct is clearly and imminently reckless, dangerous, or threatening, including self-harm behavior, please immediately contact 9-1-1 or University Police at 559.278.8400.