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Campus Advisors Network

Advisors are responsible


campus advisors and their responsibilities
Campus Advisors Advising Responsibilities
Faculty Advisors
  • Confirm "advisor approved" electives with the student
  • Verify any major substitutions or waivers through ARRC requests in Peoplesoft system.
  • Refer student to campus resources as needed
  • Other responsibilities as required by the academic department (For example, major advisors may also assist or refer students to appropriate major-related internships)
College Advising Center Professional Advisors
  • Review DPR with student and all degree requirements with student
  • Review all major requirements and degree road maps with the student prior to the completion of the 75th unit
  • Meet with students on academic probation and disqualification
  • Refer students to campus resources as needed
  • Review academic and graduation plans
Professional Academic Counselors at the University Advising Center
  • Work with undeclared/undecided students on exploring majors 
  • Work with returning students on readmission to the university
  • Review general education & other degree requirements with the student
  • Any substitutions to General Education requirements must be petitioned and sent to the Student Academic Petitions Committee
  • Discuss academic probation and/or disqualification procedures with students of all majors
  • Refer students to campus resources as needed