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Learning Aligned Employment Program

Fresno State On-Campus Employers LAEP Guide

Welcome Faculty and Staff Mentors! We are delighted that you are interested in the Fresno State LAEP program. Let's get started!

STEP 1: LAEP Application

Please complete the LAEP Employer Interest Form to apply for the LAEP program. Please make sure the position you are posting will provide students with direct opportunities to participate in research. Note that research is not limited to scientific research and can take place outside of an academic discipline. 

Please review CSAC LAEP page to get a general overview of the program.

STEP 2: Submit and Sign Agreement Forms

All faculty and staff mentors are required to sign a LAEP Employer Agreement form (Click HERE to see a sample form) prior to posting any positions on HireFresnoState or hiring any students. In addition, you must complete the LAEP Employer Agreement Addendum Student Participation Form (Click HERE to see a sample form) for each student after you hire them.

Do not submit these sample forms.  Instead you will receive a notification from AdobeSign requesting your signature for the LAEP form.  Additionally, you will receive a separate notification to complete the LAEP Employer Agreement Addendum. Please review this carefully.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST contact your College's Budget Analyst and your Dean or Associate Dean prior to discussing arrangements for excess compensation beyond the allotted LAEP funding.

STEP 3: Posting your Positions on HireFresnoState

After you sign the LAEP form, you can now post your positions on HireFresnoState by visiting For guidance on writing a job description, please visit our Job Description Guide.  Should you need assistance in setting up your HireFresnoState Employer Account, please contact Sheila Gallagher-Price, On-Campus Student Employment Specialist, at

Your LAEP job description must include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Name of the position (e.g. LAEP - Research Assistant)
  2. Name and address of employer
  3. Department or office where the eligible student will be employed
  4. Location where the eligible student will perform his or her duties
  5. Name of the eligible student's supervisor
  6. The term of the eligible student's anticipated employment, including beginning and ending dates
  7. Purpose or role of the position within the organization
  8. Duties and responsibilities associated with the position
  9. Rates of pay for the position
  10. General qualifications for the position and for various levels and rates of pay associated with the position
  11. Career competencies developed (please indicate all that apply from the list below and exclude those that do not apply):
    • Career and Self Development
    • Communication
    • Critical thinking
    • Equity and inclusion
    • Leadership
    • Professionalism
    • Teamwork
    • Technology

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fresno State LAEP positions must provide participating students with direct opportunities to participate in research that is undertaken by the respective research centers and institutions. Research is not limited to scientific research and can take place outside of an academic discipline. The research should be directed and supervised by faculty, staff, or another mentor who will determine the research requirements.

All LAEP positions MUST have the "LAEP" acronym before the job title (i.e., LAEP - Research Assistant) This is the only way students can find LAEP-eligible positions on HireFresnoState.

STEP 4: Recruiting and Hiring LAEP Students

After your positions are posted, and you start receiving applications, make sure you require student applicants to submit their "LAEP ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE." This document, issued by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship, shows the amount of LAEP funds a student is eligible to receive. You will need the information in this document to complete the student participation form.

After identifying the final candidate(s), please complete the Student Hiring Form and send an email to with the name of your final candidate(s) AND a copy of their LAEP eligibility certificate(s). A Employer Agreement Addendum Form on AdobeSign will be generated for you to complete. This form must be completed for EACH student hire.

Step 5: Payments

  1. Students will be paid directly from Payroll.
  2. Students will enter all hours worked via Fresno State Payroll.
  3. After entering hours, students must print a screenshot of their time and have this approved by their faculty/staff mentor.
  4. This approved screenshot must be sent to before the end of the pay period so the time can be approved. 
    Faculty, mentors, and/or department analysts are expected to approve student hours before payment will be disbursed.

More questions?
Visit our LAEP FAQs (Coming Soon!) for answers to our most commonly asked questions.