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Renaissance Scholars Program

RSP Application Process

The Renaissance Scholars Program supports incoming, transfer, continuing, and graduate students at Fresno State. Aspiring Renaissance Scholars must complete all of the application steps and adhere to the program guidelines. You may review eligibility details below.



Student must be admitted or enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate Fresno State student.

Student must be foster youth or former foster youth, or have experienced being a certified independent youth.

Student must qualify for “Independent Status” under the federal financial aid guidelines.

Student must hold and maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average.


Application Steps

California State University, Fresno accepts applications through Cal State Apply. 

The EOP application is part of your Cal State Apply application. 

Spring 2024 Application

Fall 2024 Application

Please contact us at for any questions.

In order to finalize the Renaissance Scholars Program application process, students are required to schedule a "Get to Know You" Meeting with the RSP Staff. After completing the Renaissance Scholars Program application, our staff will reach out to you to schedule the meeting. 

You will need your Ward of Court (WOC) verification form for these questions. If you do not have this, please request it from your county or Social Worker. Youth who are unable to obtain verification from their county can request verification from the Foster Care Ombudsperson’s office by calling 1-877-846-1602. You can also visit the California Foster Care Ombudsperson to obtain your foster care verification. 

Acceptable Documents to Verify Eligibility
Students are required provide any of the following documents as evidence that they
meet the requirements: 
1. A copy of a juvenile dependency court document indicating foster care in the child welfare system
2. Documentation from county social services confirming they were under the care of the Department of Social Services
3. Independent Living Certification 
4. Adoption Decree


Helpful Definitions:

Foster Youth - A student is considered foster youth if at any time since birth the student was under a foster care placement as a dependent of the court or ward of the court.

Certified Independent Youth - This includes any of the following:

Unaccompanied - You are/were a minor not living in the physical custody of your parent or guardian.

Homeless - You lack fixed, regular, and adequate housing, which includes living in shelters, transitional housing, motels or cars, or temporarily living with other people (i.e., “couch-surfing”). [Including Migratory Youth living in the same circumstances described above].

Self-Supporting - You are/were a minor paying for your own living expenses, including fixed, regular and adequate housing.

Emancipated - You are/were a minor from ages 14 to 17 years who have legally become free from their parent's custody and control.

Adopted Youth - You are/were a minor whose case went through the legal adoption process (agency, independent or intercountry) giving permanent parental rights to their adoptive parents.