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Renaissance Scholars Program

Meet the Staff


ofelia gamez

Ofelia Gámez

I am a former migrant student, EOP and CAMP participant, and Fresno State Alumni. I have worked at Fresno State as a Student Assistant, Peer Advisor, Academic Advisor, and I am the current Director for the College Assistance Migrant Program. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Student Counseling and Student Services with a PPS and an Administrative Credential.
I came to the U.S. at the age of five and was the first in my family of ten siblings to go to college. I love to be outdoors, exercise, spend time with family, binge watch Netflix. I have two Labrador Retrievers that I love.


juan fonseca

Juan Fonseca

Academic Counselor

I have worked at Fresno State as a Peer Mentor, Peer Advisor, Resident Advisor, College Success Coach, and EOP Counselor. I received my Master’s Degree in Student Affairs and College Counseling at Fresno State. I was a first generation college student and grew immensely from my experiences at Fresno State. 

I am originally from Michoacan, Mexico but have lived in Kerman, California for most of my life. I love having carne asadas on Sunday evenings with my family. I enjoy going on hikes, playing with my dog, and playing sports. My favorite sport is soccer but I watch all sports. 


jacqueline melendrez

Maximize your Fresno State experience by actively participating in events, clubs, or campus activities. Establishing meaningful connections with fellow students, faculty, and staff broadens your growth and opportunities. These connections go beyond networking; they cultivate a supportive community, essential for your journey at Fresno State.


Remember everybody works at a different pace, no need to compare yourself or successes. College will always be there, take your time, breathe, and enjoy your college experience. Grow and learn about yourself while making memories, connections, accomplishments, friendships, etc., because as cliche as it sounds YOLO.