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University Student Union

Bulldog Bowl

Our Policies

Be cautious when bowling or using the facilities of the center. Bowling is an active, competitive sport requiring physical conditioning, coordination and skill and can present dangerous situations and the risk of serious injury. Due to the physical requirements of bowling, a fall or accident and an injury may occur regardless of the condition of the approach and other areas of the center.

Each parent or adult in charge, especially when children are bowling or present, is responsible for teaching each person in the group the Safety Rules and making sure the rules are followed.

No food or drink on the approach. Slippery, wet or sticky spots or substances can affect a bowler's slide and delivery and cause a fall and serious injury. Inspect the approach each time before bowling and make adjustments. Take practice slides. If the approach is sticky or slippery, stop bowling and ask a staff member for assistance.

Wear bowling shoes while bowling. Have the correct fit for the bowling ball and shoes. See a staff member for help selecting or changing a ball or shoes. Clean the soles of shoes before bowling, after going to the restroom or anywhere else in or outside of the center. Moisture, humidity or a slippery or sticky substance on the sole of a shoe can cause a fall and serious injury. 

Lanes are treated with oil and are extremely slippery. Crossing the foul line can cause a fall and serious injury. After crossing the foul line, clean the soles of shoes before bowling. Ask a staff member for help.

Watch for step-ups to and from the approach, settee and concourse and other areas of the center and keep all coats, bags and personal belongings out of the walking paths to avoid tripping. Tell a staff member about any tripping hazard right away.

Mechanical equipment is dangerous and can cause injuries. If a ball or pin is stuck or the bumper must be raised or lowered, ask a staff member for assistance.

The ball return has moving parts. Serious injury can result from reaching into the ball return opening. Keep hands away from the ball return and ball return tray. Watch children.


Bulldog Bowl will strive to serve customers in a friendly and courteous manner. No person will be denied service on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability or age.

There will be no use of alcohol or illegal drugs at the Bulldog Bowl.
Bulldog Bowl does not permit outside food or drink (except birthday cakes or cupcakes).

Individuals who are exhibiting dangerous, aggressive and/or being disruptive to the operations of the Bulldog Bowl will be asked to leave.

Bulldog Bowl may, at its sole discretion, delay, suspend or end a bowling game or suspend or cancel a customer's use of the center in whole or in part and at any time for any reason without penalty or refund.

Bulldog Bowl is not liable for delays, postponements or other circumstances related to or caused by circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to the unavailability of lanes, loss of electricity, inclement weather, scheduling, fire, pandemics, earthquake or flood.

If a customer does not comply with USU employee's instructions, they will be asked to leave. If guests do not follow instructions from staff, the Bulldog Bowl staff will call campus police.

Bulldog Bowl will not keep score except by its automatic scoring equipment and is not responsible for equipment failure.