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TRiO Student Support Services Program

Resources & Services 

Academic Advising/Counseling

Academic advising and planning are provided to each program participant on an individual basis. Areas covered during these meetings include: semester course planning guidance, monitoring of academic progress, and help with personal counseling as well. Information regarding financial aid, career planning, study abroad programs, scholarships, fellowships, internships, and graduate school information is provided as needed. The overall goal is to develop a successful and achievable academic plan for each SSSP participant.

Reading and Writing Instruction Support

Small group and individual assistance in reading and writing is available through the Reading/Writing Specialist. There is also one supplemental class (University 8-01) offered to program participants by our Reading/Writing Specialist.

University 8

UNIV 8-01 is a one (1) unit course that meets once a week. The course is designed to give meaningful and useful information to students about their non-cognitive learning and study strategies to help promote  student responsibility for individual performance.

Academic Success Workshops

We offer academic success workshops throughout each semester. Topics differ each semester, varying from study skills improvement, graduate school/professional school preparation, scholarships, and basic budgeting. 

Peer Mentorship

Our Peer Mentors are dedicated student staff who serves as mentor to each participant in SSSP. Our Peer Mentors also offer academic preparation workshops and facilitate fun social events for our all participants!

Computer Lab Access

The SSSP has computer lab workstations for TRIO SSSP & SSSV participants. We are one of only few places on campus that offers free printing services to our participants. The computer lab is located in our SSSV office, Lab School Room 10. 

Computer Lab Hours: Closed due to COVID-19. 

Textbook Reference Library

Participants can check out textbooks from our Textbook Reference Library. Books have been generously donated from students and staff. To request a book loan, please email Provide your full name, student ID, and the requested book title and author. 

Check out our library collection here: Textbook Library

Note: Only viewable for those with Fresno State email account.