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Campus Advisors Network

How to Review a Student's Transcript

1. Access the student's unofficial Internal transcript from PeopleSoft.

*Please note that the internal unofficial transcript is only a historical record of what a student has completed. The units earned (UE) may not all apply toward the degree. Refer to the DPR for an accurate account of units earned (units added)

2. Review the transcript to see if the student has any academic holds that may prevent him/her from registering.

3. Review to see if the student has been evaluated.

The EVALUATED indicator will appear near the name of the transfer institution. If the student has been EVALUATED, you may generate a DPR for the student.

4. Review the transcript to see if a student has any courses to repeat to improve his/her grade point average .

  • Students may repeat courses with an original grade of "D," "F," "IC," or "WU."
  • A student may repeat the course for a new grade and the new grade will automatically be substituted for the original grade.
  • Students may request a grade substitution only once per course.
  • A course taken at Fresno State can only be repeated at Fresno State for a grade substitution
  • Students may repeat up to 16 units for grade substitution, and an additional 12 units for grade averaging.