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Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Requesting to send to the DOSAEM Listserv

Staff members wanting to send email communications to all DOSAEM staff members via the DOSAEM Listserv must submit a request for approval from the Vice President of the division. 

Requests must be sent at least 3 business days prior to the preferred send date.

Requests will be processed by the DOSAEM Communications and Media Coordinator, where email content is subject to editorial revisions before the requests are sent to the Vice President for final approval. 

In some cases, communications submitted by staff members may be shared via additional channels or through alternate methods, rather than the DOSAEM listserv (e.g. the DOSAEM staff newsletter, DOSAEM social media channels, etc.).

Staff members submitting requests will be notified by a staff member of the Office of the Vice President if/when their listserv communication has been approved and the date(s) for which the communication will be sent division-wide, or if more information is needed before the request can be approved. 

Submit Listserv Request

Scheduling communications to the DOSAEM Listserv

As part of the request to send email communications via the DOSAEM listserv, staff members choose their preferred email send date. While this date will be taken into consideration, it cannot be guaranteed that the staff member’s communication will be scheduled for distribution on that date. 

Messages with critical information will take priority, and, in some instances, may lead to a delay or rescheduling of another message/messaging from another office. Email messaging with critical information may include but is not limited to updates: from the Office of the Vice President, from the Office of the Dean of Students, pertaining to staff and student safety. 

If noted on the request form that a staff member would like to send reminders to division staff regarding information in their communication, additional announcements will be scheduled at the discretion of the Communications and Media Coordinator and the Vice President of the division.