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Support Resources

Here at Fresno State there are plenty of resources here on campus for students to utilize. On this page is links to the resources on campus. 


Financial Aid Office - Joyal Administration Building 

The Financial Aid Office assists students in everything regarding money issues, scholarships, payments, holds, and many more! 


Cross Cultural and Gender Center - Thomas Building #110

The Cross Cultural and Gender Center provides students with making them help feel a belonging here at Fresno State while meeting many new people!


Money Management Center - University Student Union Room 306

The Money Management Center assists students in money questions. Need help filing taxes? Need help saving money? Similar questions would be worth asking the wonderful representatives at the Money Management Center!


Clothing Closet - University Student Union Room 306

The Clothing Closet helps students with any clothing help a student may need. If there a rush for a job interview and need a suit? The clothing closet has suits, hats, socks, shoes, ties, belts, dresses, blouses, and many more! 


Career Development Center - University Student Union Room 306

The Career Center helps students with any career goals and confusion. Many students come here to get help on what careers are there for their major, and the career center will help! They help in finding jobs for individuals in California, out of state, and even around the world!


Richter Center - Thomas Building #107 

The Jan and Bud Richter Center specializes in many community driven events and volunteer opportunities throughout the academic year.


Student Cupboard - Industrial Technology #144

The Student Cupboard, also named the food security project, helps students will any food insecurities.At the student cupboard there are plenty of free food options for students to take home! A swipe of a student ID is all that's needed, and students can take fruits, vegetables, produce, snacks, box dinners, and more!


Learning Center - Library

The Learning Center on campus provides students with assistance in their prospective classrooms by tutoring. 


Student Health and Counseling Center 

The Student Health Center provides students with free checkups, some diagnostics, and tests. Also in our health center is our free counseling center! Students can speak to counselors when they're feeling down or different than usual. An inexpensive pharmacy is also housed here for students to grab some medicine for themselves. 


Parent Association - Joyal #131

The Parent Association program here on campus assists parents and families of students attending Fresno State. This program offers many workshops for parents and families to attend to fully understand and help their student out any way they can. 


Huggins Center - Atrium in Kremen Education Building

The Joyce M. Huggins Early Education Center provides high quality education and careful childcare for children of students and parents. 


Student Housing

Fresno State's Student Housing houses many of the students attending the university. With a wonderful dining hall, students living on campus also have the option of adding guests and have them eat with them at the dining hall. 


Student Involvement - Resnick Student Union Third Floor

The Student Involvement office knows what goes on around Fresno State events all the time! They also put on many student events for students to enjoy and to be a part of. Want to be a part of Fresno State? The student involvement office will have answers. 


Recreational Center - Next to SaveMart Center

The Student Rec Center is an up to date gym! There's an indoor track, basketball courts, fitness classes, racquetball, and much more! Free for students with their student ID.


Athletic Events 

There are so many athletic events that happens year round that students can attend. Everything but football games are free for students to attend with the swipe of their student ID!