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Outreach and Special Programs

Feria De Educacin Winners

Sergio Santos- Madera, CA 

Sergio Santos

David Trujillo- Fresno, CA

David Trujillo

Jose Ruiz- Madera, CA

Jose Ruiz



  • Provide a culturally sensitive environment for Spanish-speaking parents with children of all ages.
  • Bridge the cultural gap between Spanish-speaking parents and California’s educational system.
  • Provide information and resources (in Spanish and English) from pre-school to higher education aimed at increasing the college-going culture among the Latino population.
  • Provide a variety of career paths and alternatives in a diverse range of fields.



The purpose of Feria de Educación is to empower thousands of Spanish-speaking parents and students by providing them with information and resources to help them succeed in California’s educational system, attend post-secondary education, and attain their professional goals.