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Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Dean's Medalists

Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Congratulations to our medalists and nominees!

Vice President and Medalists


Natalie K. Allison, Undergraduate Medalist

Natalie K. Allison
2023 Undergraduate Medalist


Undergraduate Dean's Medalist Nominees

Allyson J. Bautista

Alysha L. Curtis

Hnub Lee

Adilene Leon

Eulyses Lopez

Fany Lopez Menjivar

Fransica P. Salas-Chavez

Maria F. Velasquez Navarro


Sade D. D. Johnson, Graduate Medalist

Sade D. D. Johnson
2023 Graduate Medalist


Graduate Dean's Medalist Nominees

Griselda Cervantes

Francisco Contreras Magana

Ashley Gutierrez

Susy N. Puente

Rodrigo Reynoza Cano