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University Advising Center

Additional Resources

Bulldog Connect is an implementation of the EAB Navigate platform designed to help us:

  • enhance the student experience,
  • improve early identification of students in difficulty,
  • facilitate the design and implementation of targeted and timely interventions,
  • impact retention and persistence rates,
  • improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and
  • replace GradesFirst, which is no longer being supported. 

Bulldog Connect will facilitate scheduling student appointments with faculty, advisors, and other offices on campus.  It will pull all student profile information into a single place and serve as a repository for advising notes. Additionally, it will facilitate student progress reports, communication to sets of students, issuing alerts, and tracking/reporting of advising efforts. Predictive analytics is also part of the system.   

Information about training will be forthcoming. 

Additionally, with our subscription to the software platform, we are also able to access student success resources from what EAB calls its Academic Affairs Forum. Among those resources are number of infographics that you might find of interest.


Six key ways faculty can help students successfully navigate their academic careers

Twenty questions answerable using data from Bulldog Connect Reports

Sixty one ways to use Bulldog Connect to proactively reach students in need of assistance

Using Bulldog Connect to identify the need for and creation of differentiated advising approaches

How Bulldog Connect can help use early academic performance to identify which students succeed, which fail, and where we should focus our efforts.

What happens to 100 students who start a bachelor's degree? Leaks in the college/university pipeline.

How to use Bulldog Connect Toolkit.

For additional Bulldog Connect support please submit a TDX service