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University Advising Center

Steps for Readmission

An undergraduate student who has been academically disqualified from Fresno State and is seeking readmission to the university must reapply via the Fresno State Student Portal. We recommend you contact the University Advising Center at (559) 278-1787 to meet with an Academic Counselor to review the Steps for Readmission.

Students who were academically disqualified from Fresno State are not eligible to reapply for admissions for at least two semesters following their disqualification. The following criteria must be completed to be eligible for readmission:

Undergraduate students who were academically disqualified from Fresno State and are seeking readmission to the university must meet all eligibility criteria below:

1. Must wait a minimum of 2 semesters before re-applying to Fresno State. 

2. Complete all lower-division General Education (GE) requirements before reapplying. Students who have already completed lower division GE courses before being academically disqualified must complete a minimum of 6 units of degree-applicable course work.

3. Have graded coursework of a minimum 2.50 gpa (meet with counselor to determine by when).

4. Complete at least 6 or more units, using a combination of either major or General Education (GE) courses, through Fresno State Open University, or any other regionally accredited institution. 

5. Students who wish to return and pursue a different major must meet the impaction criteria for that major if there is such criteria. If they are returning to the same major, there is a possibility of readmission without meeting the impaction criteria.  However, all readmission is at the discretion of the department and/or program. Any returning student who has 60 or more units must declare a major, even if they left Fresno State as undeclared. 

For further information regarding admissions criteria for academically disqualified undergraduate students, please visit Admissions & Recruitment at Criteria is subject to change.