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Office of Black Student Success


The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) supports first-generation, low-income, educationally disadvantaged college students.  EOP's services are designed to:

  • create an environment that fosters a sense of community
  • promotes integration to the Univeristy
  • encourages use of campus resources
  • guides students to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals

Location: Joyal Building, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.1787

The Learning Center offers several high-impact practices that will support you towards graduation.  As the most comprehensive academic support center on campus, the Learning Center provides:

  • Tutoring - studying made simple
  • SupportNet - academic coaching
  • Supplemental Instruction - peer led study sessions

Location: Library(basement)
Phone: 559.278.3052

The University Advising Center (UAC) provides general education advising to the entire campus and serves as major advisors for students who are undeclared.  The UAC provides the following services:

  • GE advising
  • Academic petitions
  • Sixty-plus fee waiver program
  • Major exploration (help for undeclared/undecided students)
  • Special major advising
  • Undeclared major advising
  • Probation and disqualification advising

Location: Joyal Building, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.1787

Every college on campus has an Advising Center where you can get specific help based on your major.  Here is a list of all the colleges and contact information for the Advising Center:

College of Arts and Humanities Advising and Support Center
Location: Speech Arts Building, Room 156
Phone: 55.278.4597

Craig School of Business Advising Center
Location: Peters Business Building, Room 185
Phone: 559.278.4943

Health and Human Services Advising and Career Development Center
Location: McLane Hall Building, Room 194
Phone: 559.278.5027

Jordan College Advising and Career Development Center
Location: Agricultural Sciences Building, Room 110
Phone: 559.278.4019

Kremen Education Advising and Student Services Center
Location: Education Building, Room 100
Phone: 559.278.0300

Lyles College of Engineering Advising Center
Location: Engineering East Building, Room 383
Phone: 559.278.1076

College of Science and Math Advising and Resources Center
Location: Science I Building, Room 136
Phone: 559.278.4150

College of Social Sciences Advising Center
Location: McKee Fisk Building, Room 203A
Phone: 55.278.3422

Food in-se-cu-ri-ty: the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.
Food insecurity is a growing issue on college campuses and Fresno State is working hard to make sure is not a problem on our campus.  The Food Security Project has several services including:

  • Fresno State Student Cupboard
  • Education and Resources
  • Catered Cupboard
  • University Dining Hall Complimentary Meals
  • Good Samaritan Fund

Location: Industrial Technology Building, Room 144
Phone: 559.278.6621

The Career Development Center is a resource on campus to help you with all aspects of your career planning and job search.  Here are some services you can receive:

  • Discover career options
  • Choose a major based on career assessment
  • Prepare for a job search (resume, cover letter, interview)
  • Connect with employers
  • Find a job (part-time/internship/or full-time)
  • Gain experience
  • Clothing closet – looking professional

Location: Thomas Building, Room 103
Phone: 559.278.2381

Financial assistance is intended to aid students in reaching their educational goals. This assistance may come in a variety of forms such as grants, scholarships, and loan programs.

Phone 559.278.2182

Location: Joyal Building (next to admission & records windows)Phone: 559.278.2182

For more information on Dream Financial Aid please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Tab

Fresno State awards over a thousand scholarships totaling more than 3.8 million dollars in free money to incoming and continuing students. Institutional scholarships range from $100 to almost $35,000 and are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarships are offered by various colleges, departments, and organizations to students who meet specific criteria. Regardless of your accomplishments, interests, background, or GPA, we encourage all students to apply for scholarships.

Phone 559.278.6572

For more information on Dream Financial Aid please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Tab

Provides a variety of services to Fresno State students including that are free or very low cost

  • Walk-in care visits with physicians and nurse practitioners 
  • An on-site pharmacy 
  • Laboratory and x-ray department 
  • Psychological Counseling 
  • Health Promotion and Wellness Services

Location: Student Health Center Building
Phone: 559.278.2734

The Fresno State Cross Cultural and Gender Center is a great place to meet new people and find a sense of belonging on campus.  Services include:

  • Cross Cultural Programs and Services: Latino/a, African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander
  • Gender Programs and Services
  • LGBTQ+ Programs and Services

Location: Thomas Building, Room 110
Phone: 559.278.4435


A resource for students with disabilities to achieve academic, cultural and social excellence through services which provide access, campus involvement, social support, disability awareness self-advocacy and tools for future success.

Website www./studentaffairs/ssd
Location: Library , Room 1202
Phone: 559.278.2811