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Services for Students with Disabilities

Intake Meeting Process

After submitting an application, the student will be contacted by the SSD office to schedule an intake with an assigned AS.

Please note that all communication from SSD will be through Fresno State student email. Meetings are scheduled for approximately 1 hour and may be done remotely or in person.

The student and Access Specialist partner to discuss and identify strategies, including accommodations, that can reduce or remove barriers to access. This meeting provides the opportunity for the Access Specialist to understand the student’s disability experience and accommodations that have been successful in providing access. The process will be guided by the student’s self-report, the disability professional’s experience, and any third-party paperwork that the student presents. Based on the discussion, the Access Specialist may implement accommodations, set up provisional or temporary accommodations while waiting for additional documentation, or request documentation specific to establishing a connection between the disability and the barrier.

During busy times, such as three weeks before and after the start of the semester, it may take a minimum of two weeks to schedule an intake meeting due to a high volume of students trying to connect. Students new to Fresno State are strongly encouraged to apply to SSD as early as possible. Current students may request accommodations at any time but are encouraged to meet with an Access Specialist as soon as they become aware of a need. It may take time after an intake meeting to finalize and facilitate accommodations. We do not accommodate retroactively.