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Services for Students with Disabilities

mySSD Faculty Portal

The mySSD Faculty Portal will provide Fresno State Faculty a more efficient way to support students!  Through the use of this online portal, faculty will be able to view students enrolled in their classes with accommodations, upload exams, and interact with certain accommodations such as Testing and Note-taking.  More information on the mySSD Faculty Portal is provided below.  Please  contact the SSD office by email at or by phone at 559-278-2811 for more information.

  1. The mySSD Faculty Portal is accessed through Single Sign on (SSO), using your Fresno State username and password.
  2. Please read the FERPA agreement and select “Continue to View Student Accommodations” to complete the initial login process. 
  3. The link can also be found on the Faculty Notification Letter and CANVAS Help Center.

The mySSD Faculty Portal Overview provides an overview of all students enrolled in the various courses/sections taught by the faculty, the accommodations the student(s) have requested, and if the faculty member has read their faculty notification letter.

Viewing Course Terms/Sessions:

By default, the overview will display the current term and will give the instructor the opportunity to display previous and upcoming Terms/Sessions.

Accessing the Instructor Portal (PDF instructions)

The "Views and Tools" side navigation links allows the faculty member to view individual eligibility types that their students utilize. 

Eligibility Types that can be viewed:

  • Alternative Testing: Alternative Testing Services, including extended times. (This link allows you to upload your exam with instructions, and to have the ability to view when students have completed their exams.)
  • Alternative Formats: Course materials converted to Accessible Course Materials
  • Note-Taking Service: Volunteer Note-Taking Services
  • Communication Access: ASL Interpreting and Captioning Services

Faculty-Testing Agreement Form (PDF instructions)

Uploading Exams, quizzes, and finals (PDF instructions)