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Learning Center


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The Learning Center employs nearly 140 students each semester as Tutors, SI Leaders, SupportNet Advising Interns, and Front Desk Student Assistants. We are dedicated to providing students with meaningful opportunities that will help them grow academically, personally and professionally. See below to learn of ways to join our incredible team.

Tutoring Positions | Fall 2024

Learning Center tutors are Fresno State students who provide academic support to other Fresno State students. Tutors meet with students who seek academic support in-person or online, drop-in or by appointment, for a course, a writing assignment, or a specialized skill.

Apply to Become a Tutor

Minimum qualifications vary by subject. To see course qualifications for each tutoring subject, please click here.
Liberal Studies
Physics & Engineering
Social Sciences
Tutoring is actively recruiting for the following subjects for Fall 2024.


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Positions | Fall 2024

During SI sessions, students are encouraged to work with their peers from class and their SI Leader to develop successful study strategies, exchange creative ideas, gain a better understanding of the course material, and improve their overall grade.

Apply to Become an SI Leader

SI Leader Positions
SI is now accepting applications for the Fall 2024  
Agricultural Business (AGBS) 31 & 105
Anthropology (ANTH) 161
Biology (BIOL) 1A, 67A & 67B
Civil Engineering (CE) 20, 121, 130
Chemistry (CHEM) 8, 128A, 128B & 150
Criminology (CRIM) 50
Computer Science (CSCI) 41, 60
Electrical Engineering (ECE) 71, 85, 90
Economics 40
Forensics Behavioral Studies (FBS) 155
Informaton System (IS) 158
Mathematics (MATH) 111 & 151
Physics (PHYS) 2A
Political Science (PLSI) 1
Psychology (PSYCH) 10

Academic Success Coaching Academic Coaching Intern Positions | Spring 2024

Academic Success Coaching Interns partner with students to provide strategies and resources for effective studying. Interns listen to and work one-on-one with students holistically to help them reach their goals and full potential.

Apply to Become an Academic Coach

Minimum Qualifications:  
1. Junior, Senior or graduate level class standing
2. 3.0 minimum GPA
3. Interest in higher education or student affairs profession
Academic Success Coaching position posting is closed

Deadline to Submit: November 3rd at 11:59 p.m.

Front Desk/Graphic Design Student Assistant Positions | 

Application Closed: Not Accepting Applications at this time.

Learning Center Front Desk Student Assistants ensure our entire department is operating effectively and efficiently. Student Assistants learn professional office skills while working in an environment that promotes learning. 

Apply to Become a Front Desk Student Assistant