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Learning Center


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The Learning Center employs nearly 140 students each semester as Tutors, SI Leaders, SupportNet Advising Interns, and Front Desk Student Assistants. We are dedicated to providing students with meaningful opportunities that will help them grow academically, personally and professionally. See below to learn of ways to join our incredible team.

Tutoring Positions | Fall 2022

Tutors assist students with homework, projects, and exam reviews, at their pace, by finding conceptual learning opportunities. Tutors use questions, activities, and demos to involve students in owning the material.

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Tutoring Positions
Tutoring is currently accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester.
Business (ACCT, BA, DS, ECON)
Liberal Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Social Sciences (HIST, PLSI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Positions | Fall 2022

During SI sessions, students are encouraged to work with their peers from class and their SI Leader to develop successful study strategies, exchange creative ideas, gain a better understanding of the course material, and improve their overall grade.

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SI Leader Positions
SI is accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester
AGBS 31, 100, 105
ANTH 161
BA 18
BIOL 1A, 1B, 67A
CHEM 128A, 128B, 150
CE 20, 121
CFS 153
CSCI 40, 41, 60
KINES 116, 118
MATH 111
PHYS 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B

Academic Success Coaching Academic Coaching Intern Positions | Fall 2022

Academic Success Coaching Advising Interns partner with students to provide strategies and resources for effective studying. Interns listen to and work one-on-one with students holistically to help them reach their goals and full potential.

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Academic Success Coaching Positions
Academic Success Coaching is currently hiring for  Academic Coaches

Apply at:

Position will close on Friday, May 13, 2022

Front Desk Student Assistant Positions | Spring 2022

Learning Center Front Desk Student Assistants ensure our entire department is operating effectively and efficiently. Student Assistants learn professional office skills while working in an environment that promotes learning. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FALL 2022

Apply to Become a Front Desk Student Assistant