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Academic Success Workshops (ASWs)


We empower students to develop and integrate effective [healthy] practices in their academic and life-long learning.


The Academic Success Coaching program facilitates a dynamic series of interactive workshops.  Details for each workshop topic can be found in the drop-down menus below. We hope that you will take some time and explore our expanding Academic Success Workshop library and services! In addition, feel free to contact us if you have any questions and/or requests for accommodations.

Fall 2023 Live Mini-Workshops 

Partnering with our campus collaborators to strengthen your knowledge in various areas within 30-minute workshops.

Partnering with our campus collaborators to strengthen your knowledge in various areas within 30-minute workshops.

Partnering with the University Advising Center to enhance the knowledge on Bulldog Connect to schedule appointments, view class schedules, and much more.

9/26/2023, Tuesday, 11:00 AM

In-Person Location: University Library 2127 

Zoom Link:

Understand the myths of the social media and the impact on mental health.

9/27/2023, Wednesday, 11:00 AM 

University Library 2206

In collaboration with the Huggins Center, learn more about resources and your rights as a student parent.

9/28/2023, Thursday, 11:00 AM

University Library 2206

Partnering with the University Advising Center to increase your understanding of your Degree Progress Report.

9/29/2023, Friday, 11:00 AM

In-Person Location: University Library 2127

Zoom Link:


Fall 2023 Live Workshops 

Check out our live 45-minute workshops to enhance your knowledge on various topics!

Learn how to thrive in college by using academic strategies, campus resources, and wellbeing tips. Have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the college experience.

9/11/2023, Monday, 11:00 AM

Partnering with Dr. Lomack to discover how your self-identity has been established, and how you can choose to align your self-identity with your personal, and academic goals.

9/13/2023, Wednesday, 11:00 AM 

University Library 2206

Learn the importance behind having a purpose and the positive outcomes it can lead you.

9/18/2023, Monday

1:00 PM University Library 2206

Learn more about balancing roles and responsibilities in order to have a successful semester

9/20/2023, Wednesday, 11:00 AM

Adjusting to college math courses can be a challenge without the proper study strategies and time management skills. This workshop can provide students with essential tools to succeed in a math class.

10/3/2023, Tuesday, 11:00 AM

Learn how to narrow down a topic for papers and assignments via brainstorming! The workshop will also help you get comfortable with research, databases, and citations.

10/4/2023, Wednesday, 2:00 PM

Are you looking for tips on how to survive your first semester? Our panel has got you covered! Through experiences, resources, and advice, we will help you navigate through your first semester.

10/10/2023, Wednesday, 1:00 PM 

University Library 0102 (Lower Level of Library)

It is not always easy to study. Join us to discover how to develop beneficial study habits as well as time management strategies that will be useful in the classroom and beyond.

10/16/2023, Monday, 11:00 AM 

University Library 2206

Struggling with self confidence can be a challenge through college. Join us in a discussion to learn tips and strategies on how to overcome it.

10/24/2023, Tuesday, 12:00 PM

Discover how your self-portrait determines the level of personal and academic success you achieve. Change the picture, change the results.

11/7/2023, Tuesday, 11:00 AM 

University Library 2206

Exam preparation can be difficult, especially when facing complex subjects and time constraints. However, reviewing study strategies, identifying weaknesses, and learning from mistakes can significantly enhance the preparation process.

11/7/2023, Tuesday, 11:00 AM 

University Library 2206

Become a pro at outlining paragraphs and forming a thesis statement for your writing assignments. With this workshop, you'll gain the confidence needed to finish that essay!

11/8/2023, Wednesday, 2:00 PM 

University Library 2206

Learn how to build relationships inside and outside of the classroom by communicating with instructors, becoming involved on campus, and developing a support system. Have the opportunity to make a strategic networking plan. 

11/15/2023, Wednesday, 11:00 AM


Pre-Recorded Videos

Be sure to complete the post-workshop survey (click here) after watching each video to log your workshop attendance.  

A Time for Time Management                   
Conflicts can arise when planning.  Watch this video for guidance to structuring time that will increase productivity.         

Executing a Winning Exam Game Plan    
Gain strategies on how to prepare for successful exams, including managing stress and anxiety. 

Motivation, Success and You (Interview)
Off-Campus Student Life Coordinator and former SupportNet Graduate Intern, Jerry Gomez, shares how he found meaningful resources and how this has transitioned to motivation in his current role.

Stress Management for Academic Success
College can introduce different stressors.  This video will share 15 techniques to help you manage and reduce your stress.

Imposter Syndrome                                     
Learn about imposter syndrome and gain tips to overcome the feeling of being an "imposter."     

Overcoming Self Doubt and Fear of Failure
This video will introduce a variety of techniques that empower students to shift thinking that accompany self-doubt to promote a space for growth and learning. 

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset            
Examine the differences between a growth and a fixed mindset and gain strategies to develop a growth mindset.     

Me, Myself, & I: Self-Care                          
Learn best practices for self-care to ensure a healthy work, college, and life balance.       

Techniques for Improved Reading Comprehension Learn about common obstacles that can arise when processing information and obtain new strategies to develop better reading comprehension.  

ASW Presentation Request Form

*NOTE:  This is not a registration form for workshops.  All students are welcome to attend and do not have to register.

Each Academic Success Workshop provides students with valuable information, activities, and resources to develop and enhance their life-long learning and success! If you are interested in having our team conduct a presentation to your classroom, club or organization, please fill out our request form by clicking the hyperlink below. We welcome these opportunities to engage with the campus community!

After submitting your request, our Academic Success Coaching team will follow-up to secure any additional details for planning and confirmation. Click on the link below to submit a workshop request:

Workshop Request

For more information or details, please contact our office at: 

Phone: 559.278.3052