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Learning Center

Tutor Training

Fresno State's tutor training is an 11 hour immersion into better tutoring skills and a better understanding of learning and memory. Please see below for a select few topics out Tutors are trained on. 

Training Topics

In a study students could accurately identify good and bad teachers from a 10 second video with no sound. What is the true impact of a first impression in the tutoring environment?


Why would an organization refer their customers to a competitor? Find out the true meaning of customer service.


A good tutor is like a good flight instructor. The student is in control and you are there to make sure the plane doesn’t crash.


The tutoring cycle is a systematic approach to tutoring which demystifies the facilitation of learning.


A good tutoring session is about the tutor figuring out how to explain less and get the student to learn more. Get the latest research on experiential and project based learning. “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand.” `Chinese Proverb


Why have stories like David and Goliath, the Tortoise and the Hare, and others been remembered for centuries? How can you make concepts just as memorable for students?


The key to success as a tutor relies on asking the right questions. Learn inquiry from the perspective of Socrates and use Bloom’s Taxonomy to challenge students enough that their exams will not.


Learn how research suggests students should study. Learn about services on campus that can help improve students’ study skills.


Have you actually read the University’s honor code? Do you know the consequences of cheating or not actually learning the material? Find out what to tell students who want you to do their work for them.


Involving students in content is the key to them mastering it. This training provides a compendium of ways to engage students and opens the world of innovation up to young bright tutors.