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Student Support Services Veterans

Student Support Services Veterans Staff 


Ger Xiong


Russell Gross

Russell Gross
Veterans Counselor


Brenda Gurrola
Program/Admin Assistant


Academic Facilitators

Jessica Turney

Reading & Writing Specialist


Math and Science Academic Facilitator


Reading & Writing Academic Facilitator

TRIO Student Support Services Veteran Community Builders

Raveena Navani img
Raveena Navani
TRIO SSSV Community Builder
US Navy Veteran 
Business Entrepreneurship Major
Christen Cogdell
Mary Nambo-Ramirez 

TRIO SSSV Community Builder
US Army Veteran 
Forensic Behavioral Major
Stephan Cano img
Stephan Cano

TRIO SSSV Community Builder
US Navy Veteran
Theatre Arts Major


James Patton img
James Patton

TRIO SSSV, Community Builder
CA Army National Guard
Theatre Arts - General Major

Theodoro Vicencio img
Theodoro Vicencio

TRIO SSSV, Community Builder
US Army National Guard
Criminology Major

Briant Toon img
Briant Toon

TRIO SSSV, Community Builder
US Army Veteran
Business Admin / Accounting Major