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Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC)

In accordance with the CSU Student Fee Policy outlined in Executive Order (EO) 1102,
the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) reviews and recommends approval of requests to
increase or waive Category II or III fees. The committee is chaired by the Vice President for
Student Affairs and is advisory to the President of California State University, Fresno. It is
composed of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

CFAC meets periodically and members of the university community are welcome to attend
meetings. CFAC may request an overview of how any student fee is being allocated at any time.

Course Fee Form AY 24-25
ATTENTION: Please download the form and fill out the apppropriate fields. Once complete, send the document as an attachment to Dean Muscat ( and cc the Office of Dean of Students ( 


CFAC Review Process

  • The Campus Fee Advisory Committee Review Process: The Campus Fee Advisory
    Committee (CFAC) is established and operates under the guidelines contained in the
    California State University Student Fee Policy as outlined in Executive Order 1102 of July
    22, 2015.

  • CFAC voting membership consists of the President of Associated Students, Inc. and Chair
    of the Academic Senate (or designee), four students appointed by Associated Students,
    Inc., one staff member, and one faculty member. CFAC is chaired by the Vice President
    for Student Affairs (non-voting) and may include other ex-officio representatives.

  • CFAC will publish a schedule of meetings for each semester to review any proposals.

  • Fee proposals need to be submitted at least one week prior to the posted meeting in
    order to provide committee time for proposal review (see annual meeting schedule). If
    no proposals are submitted one week prior to the scheduled date, the meeting will be

  • Upon reviewing the fee proposal, CFAC has the option of inviting the proposal requestor
    to attend the meeting to provide additional clarification if needed, or directly voting on
    the proposal based on proposal paperwork.

  • A minimum quorum of five CFAC members is required for a fee proposal vote to take
    place, with a further requirement that students must comprise a majority of the quorum
    (i.e. 3 students to 2 faculty/staff or 4 students to 3 faculty/staff).

  • If, for an unforeseen circumstance, a committee member is unable to attend the CFAC
    meeting during which a fee proposal is to be deliberated, an absentee vote can be
    emailed to the CFAC Chair prior to the meeting at which the vote will take place.

  • Upon reviewing the fee proposal and gaining any additional clarification required, CFAC
    will vote to either approve or decline the proposed fee. If the fee proposal is denied,
    then no other steps are required beyond notification to the fee proposer.

  • If a fee is approved by CFAC, the Chair will forward the fee proposal and
    recommendation to the President for review and approval. The President will make the
    final decision on approving or denying the CFAC fee proposal recommendation.

  • The CFAC Chair will inform CFAC and fee proposal requester of the President’s decision.

  • If the fee proposal is approved, Student Financial Services will work on setting up the fee
    tables in order to implement the fee.

  • Approved student fee’s effective date is dependent on approval date and Student
    Financial Services’ implementation timeline, as well as in consideration of providing a
    timely notification to students.

  • Additional Input on approved fees will need to be submitted to the committee and
    reviewed 4 weeks prior to the registration date each semester.