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The VET NET Ally Program was presented in September 2017 as a half-day seminar by the CSU, Long Beach Director of Veterans Services, Dr. Marshall Thomas.  Dr. Thomas presents modules that provide information and experience in one of four major theme areas: program purpose, policies and procedures related to veterans in higher education, military and post-military culture and transition, and personal identity issues associated with status as a service member or veteran. 

To make the information accessible to participants and to create a logical flow of information and experience, the modules are organized in a manner that follows the path of veterans choosing military service, transitioning into the service, becoming acculturated to a military lifestyle, exiting the service, transitioning back to civilian life, and becoming a student. 

The seminar culminates in a panel of student veterans who are asked questions by the seminar presenters and participants. 

The mission of the VET NET Ally Program is to:

  • Establish a network of visible Allies to provide support, information, and assistance for service members and veterans.
  • Provide service members and veterans with comfortable access to trustworthy, knowledgeable, and sensitive people who can provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment.
  • Provide an opportunity for Fresno State faculty and staff to demonstrate support for service members and veterans.
  • Provide all students on campus an opportunity to respond to instances of discrimination or harassment based on perceived or self-reported status as a service member or veteran.
  • Educate members of the university community about the needs and concerns of service members and veterans.
  • Assist university personnel in understanding that discrimination based on status as a service member or veteran is harmful to the campus environment for all.
  • Foster a campus atmosphere that supports the academic freedom and professional, personal and social success of service members and veterans.
  • Advance the Fresno State's progress towards a campus that discourages discrimination and openly celebrates diversity.

Vet Net Ally Graduates

Look for the VET NET Ally logo displayed in offices and departments throughout the campus. 

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