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Admissions and Recruitment

Transfer Selection Process

CSU Eligibility Requirements

Transfer applicants must first meet the CSU eligibility requirements for admission. Applicants are then reviewed for provisional admission through Fresno State’s admission selection process, called Impaction.

Admission Selection Process (Impaction)

Fresno State is an impacted campus for upper-division transfers. This means admission to Fresno State is competitive because Fresno State continues to receive more qualified applicants than can be accommodated by state funding.  
In order to ensure capacity is not exceeded, a more rigorous standard is applied to the transfer application pool. This means meeting the minimum California State University (CSU) eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to Fresno State.

Due to impaction, the GPA requirement will not be determined until after the priority application filing period ends. It will be based on the number of applications received, the competitiveness of the pool, and the number of enrollment spaces available.

It is important to understand that though all majors are impacted, the admission threshold for each major varies, depending on the capacity of the major to take new students and the number of students applying for that major for that term.

Choose your major wisely

We encourage you to apply for the major in which you intend to earn a degree. Change of major is prohibited during the application and admission review process. After you are admitted, requests to change your major can be done by using the Registrar's Office form and can be requested after the census date. Your mandatory orientation, advising and registration will all be based on your choice of major.

In addition, we encourage you to look at the admission GPA thresholds by major at Fresno State for recent terms and to apply to an alternative CSU campus that offers your major.

**Spring 2022 applicants can request to change their major after February 18, 2022. All change of major requests at that point will be done using the Registrar's Office form.

Fresno State is committed to our region and gives priority to our local applicants. Non-local applicants must anticipate meeting a higher admission GPA. 

Impaction Results:

Fall results will be posted after April 1st. Spring results will be posted after November 1st. 

For historical results, select the appropriate term.