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Office of the University Registrar

My Degree Plan

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Definition of Terms

Degree Progress Report (DPR)

The DPR is the primary advising tool used on campus and it provides an overview of the degree requirements students need to complete to graduate, based on their catalog year. It is coded according to the University Catalog and is continuously updated to reflect the most current information.

My Degree Plan

Interactive course planning tool undergraduate students can use to plan courses for future semesters. It is linked with the DPR and allows students to validate against the DPR to ensure students are planning efficiently towards graduation.


Identifies the specific set of courses a student must complete in their major in sequential order. Information on corequisites or prerequisites is listed along with other pertinent information to assist students in completing courses towards the major. 

Click here for step by step instructions on how to access your degree roadmap.

Click this link Degree Roadmaps to access your major roadmap.

Create a Plan

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Edit a Plan 
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