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Student Involvement

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations offer an array of experiences and opportunities to build lifelong relationships. Explore our diverse community of 300+ active student organizations on Fresno State ENGAGE!

Join a Club

  • Meet other students and network with faculty, advisors and alumni with common interests, values or fields of study
  • Connect more in-depth with your major and enhance scholastic development
  • Define and shape your career goals while developing leadership and professional skills

Start a Club

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Manage a Club

Student organization officers and advisors are responsible for leading their membership as well as maintaining good standing with the University by completing the following:

  • Submit re-registration materials for the academic year by the fourth week of the fall semester.
  • Enter into the booth lottery help the week before finals. (Optional)
  • Any time there are changes to officers and advisors, update the information on file with Student Involvement.

The re-recognition process will be available on each student organization profile within Fresno State ENGAGE beginning the week that classes start. It is recommended that previous officers update the roster to reflect the incoming officers, in order to ensure that they recieve relevant information on this process as it becomes available.

Club Banking Accounts

Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) provides club accounts for student organization banking with the following services and benefits:

  • account security
  • balance inquiries
  • funding for on campus events
  • grants for new student organizations
  • on-campus customer service and assistance with paperwork
  • reimbursements and deposits

Contact ASI or visit their website for additional information: • 559.278.2656

On-Campus Banking Policy

As outlined in ICSUAM 3141.01 and campus policy B-56, monies collected in the name of the Student Organization must be maintained in a bank account of the University or an Auxiliary Organization.

At no time shall a Student Organization deposit funds into an unauthorized bank account. Any exemptions to this requirement must be approved by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the University.

Exemption to the Policy

Student organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible to request an exemption to the on-campus banking policy.

  • federally registered 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(7)-type organizations
  • registered unincorporated/incorporated nonprofit associations with the State of California

Contact Student Involvement to request an exemption or for additional information: 559.278.2741 •

Tax ID numbers and nonprofit status are issued independently from the IRS and applications are available on their website. Fresno State and ASI’s tax ID information may not be used for student organizations.

Due to state law, no raffles can be hosted on campus; however, you can contact Student Involvement regarding drawings with no money transactions.

For promotional efforts, student organizations may:

  • Utilize the outdoor public posting kiosks
  • Pass out handbills in the area immediately outside the University Student Union (USU)
  • Use h-frames or wooden stakes in flower beds or near trees (not grass areas) for all areas but the Peace Garden.
  • Post on unrestricted bulletin and display boards. If a contact or office is identified on the board, permission is required from them prior to posting.
  • Chalk on campus with permission– contact Student Involvement for assistance.
  • Hang banners on the USU Balcony overlooking the Pit (USU South Patio) with permission from the USU Reservation Center.

Student organizations may not place handbills or promotional items on cars in campus parking lots or use a-frame signs.