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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

State University Grant (SUG)

What is SUG?

A grant program for eligible California residents as determined from information contained in your FAFSA.  Funding is based upon the assessed California State University fee. Priority is given to students with the greatest need.

Who can Qualify?

California residents making progress towards an undergraduate or post-baccalaureate degree are eligible if they meet the following criteria.

  • Enrollment of at least 6 units
  • An EFC no greater the 4000
  • Students cannot have accumulated more than 150 semester or 225 quarter units earned in their CSU undergraduate careers;
  • Undergraduate transfer students cannot accumulate more than 75 semester or 112 quarter earned units while enrolled at a CSU campus;
  • Credential students cannot accumulate more units than the program requires;
  • Master's students cannot accumulate more than 125% of their initial master's as defined by the General Catalog;
  • Doctoral students are not eligible for SUG as are;
  • Students obtaining a second bachelor's, second credential, or second master's degree are not eligible for SUG.

What does SUG pay?

The SUG grant can only be used to pay State University Fees. 

If you receive other fee paying awards subsequent to your SUG, like a Cal Grant or fee waiver, your SUG grant would be rescinded.