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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Fee Deferment Criteria

A Financial Aid Fee Deferment does not pay or waive your tuition and fees.  It is only a delay until financial aid is applied. 

A Financial Aid Fee Deferment permits eligible students to delay payment of tuition and fees.  Deferments are issued based on the expectation tuition and fees will be paid, either partially or in full, by financial aid. This deferment allows students with unpaid charges to remain registered for classes on the fee payment deadline. Students issued a fee deferment are still responsible for all charges on their account if financial aid is not issued or does not cover all costs. 

You can find the Fee Payment Deadlines here. You can click here for more information on how to pay your fees with Student Accounts. You can contact Student Accounts by calling 559.278.2876 or emailing them at

If the only aid you are receiving is a Fresno State scholarship(s), a fee deferment will be added if the scholarship(s) total is $2,500 or higher for the semester. If the total of your Fresno State scholarship(s) is less than $2,500 and you have paid the difference between your scholarship(s) and your tuition/fees, you may contact the financial aid office to request a fee deferment for the amount covered by the scholarship(s).


  • If you are issued a fee deferment but your eligibility changes and you no longer meet the criteria listed below, your fee deferment will be removed.  You will be responsible for paying your own tuition and fees and meeting the fee payment deadlines.  If your deferment is removed and you do not meet the payment deadline(s), you will be subject to disenrollment from classes. 
  • If you decide not to attend Fresno State, it is your responsibility to drop all of your classes.  If you do not drop all of your classes and you had a Fee Deferment, you will be responsible for all fees charged.


Fee Deferment Criteria

To receive and remain eligible for a financial aid fee deferment, students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Maintain enrollment in at least 6 undergraduate units, 4 graduate (200 series) units or 3 doctoral (500 series) units. Wait listed courses do not count as Enrollment.
  • Meet financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  • Have an official financial aid application (FAFSA or California Dream Act application) for the current academic year 
  • Completed all “To Do” list items listed on your Student Center
  • Have a current Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of 4000 or less OR have an accepted Cal Grant award OR have accepted your award of a Direct Subsidized, Direct Unsubsidized, PLUS or Private loan.   
  • Be admitted to a degree or teacher credential program (Bachelors, 2nd Bachelors, Cal State Teach, Teacher Credential, Master’s or Doctorate)
  • Be eligible to receive financial aid
    • Not in default on a student loan or owe a repayment of aid to the US Department of Education
    • No drug conviction preventing financial aid eligibility
    • Have an outstanding balance on your student account for the current semester.

Changes to any of these criteria, (most commonly changes in enrollment or changes to the financial aid application which impact financial aid eligibility), may cause you to lose or gain deferment eligibility.   


If you have questions, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office in the North Lobby of Joyal Administration or at 559-278-2182.