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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Disbursement Information

Financial aid disbursements will initially be prorated based on units of enrollment. At “census date” financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated. Your award may be revised based on actual census date enrollment.

Each student has an account showing registration fees, tuition, course fees and payments to the account. All your financial aid, excluding Cal Grant Access, will be applied to these charges. Any balance of funds will be delivered through the students selected refund preference through BTMX, Inc.  Disbursements are usually processed on Wednesdays. For more information, visit this link:

Students enrolled and NOT ATTENDING CLASSES must return aid received to the Student Financial Services Office and officially withdraw from those classes.

If you wish to cancel all or a portion of the loans included in a disbursement, (i.e. Federal Stafford, Perkins or Nursing), return the check and provide the Student Financial Services Office with a cancellation request no later than 14 days from the date of the check.

The Registrar will be notified to disenroll students from classes if fees are not paid by the 5th week of the semester.


In addition to the General Information above refer to the Federal Direct Loan Information Page.

You may receive notification from the Department of Education regarding the delivery of your funds. This will not correspond with the date of mailing by our institution.

All first time Borrowers must attend a Entrance Counseling workshop and endorse a Master Promissory Note (MPN) before funds will be disbursed. Both items can be completed at

Federal Direct Loan funds may be retained for only 3 business days before being returned to the Department of Education as prescribed by Federal Regulations.


In addition to the General Information above refer to the Federal Direct Loan Information Page.
Perkins Loan Page and Nursing Loan Page.

New Borrowers must complete an entrance interview and sign a promissory note.

New and Continuing Borrowers contact Melissa Maxwell via email or phone 559-278-4163.