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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Online forms 2011-2012

Document Request Letter Forms

Document Request Letter Forms
Form Form Name Brief Description
1 Coversheet
Coversheet checklist to be submitted with required forms
5 Dependent Student Household Size Verification List household members
7 Dependent Asset Form Provide values of asset items of student and parent
10 Independent Student Household SizeVerification List household members
15 Household Information for Independent Status List household members
16 Independent Status Verification Worksheet for Independent Status
17 Independent Asset Form Provides asset values for the student and/or spouse
20 Parent Income Verification Worksheet for parent income
25 Student / Spouse Income Verification Worksheet for student and/or spouse's income
26 Student/Spouse Dislocated Worker Dislocated worker verification worksheet
27 Parent Dislocated Worker Dislocated worker verification worksheet
30 Selective Service Certification Certify Selective Service Status
35 Department Of Homeland Security Summary chart of acceptable documentation for the DHS
40 Housing Certification Residency Verification
45 Special Circumstances A form to explain why parent information will not be provided on the FAFSA


Loan Forms

Loan Forms
Form Form Name Brief Description
60 Loan Information Page Federal Stafford Loan Information
65 Plus Loan Processing Steps To ensure timely completion of your Parent Plus loan follow the steps outlined in this document
66 Plus Loan Request Form A required form for a Parent Plus Loan
70 Perkins Loan Forms Perkins loan instructions, borrower information and fact sheet
72 Nursing Loan Forms Nursing loan instructions, borrower information and fact sheet
74 Emergency Loan Application A short term loan to assist with unexpected expenses


Satisfactory Academic Progress Forms

Satisfactory Academic Progress Forms
Form Form Name Brief Description
80 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Financial Aid requirements for maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
82 SAP Petition Petition form and instructions for students not meeting Minimum Unit Completion Requirements
84 Extend Units Request Request to extend funding if student’s program requires more than the normal number of units
86 Max Units Petition Instructions Petition instructions for students near or over Maximum Unit Funding Limits.



Form Form Name Brief Description
90 Dependent Care Allowance Verification of Dependent Care Expenses for children under 13
91 Miscellaneous Budget Adjustment An allowance for modest living expenses
92 Computer Budget Adjustment A one time request to increase calculated need
94 Attendance / Resource Update An additional resources update form
96 FERPA Written Consent Form A student consent for Parent's to receive their information
97 Student Work Study Voucher Time sheet for Work Study Students
99 Teach Grant Request Form A required form to request and receive the TEACH GRANT