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Admissions and Recruitment

Counselor Dashboards Tutorials

High School and Community Dashboards 

Part I: Accessing your dashboard
Part II: Admissions Dashboard Overview
  • Layout
  • Breakdown filters
  • Student data display
  • Creating custom views
  • Sharing views
  • Exporting data

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About The Dashboards

Starting fall 2016, Undergraduate Student Recruitment and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at Fresno State launched a platform in the form of a dashboard to give our partnering institutions the ability to view admissions and persistence data for their respective campus. This information is presented in the form of two separate dashboards: one for admission information and one showing persistence and graduation trends. Both are available to our high school and community college partners.

Purpose Of The Counselor Admissions Dashboard:

  • Provide selected student-level admission data to counselors for applicants from their institution.
  • Track number of applicants from your institution as compared to previous years.
  • Assist counselors in identifying students who have incomplete applications allow drill downs to what they are missing such as unpaid application fee and test scores.
  • Assist counselors in identifying students who are required to take certain tests such as ELM/EPT as well as those required to register for Early Start Program.
  • Assist counselors in identifying students who have not accepted their admission or registered for Dog Days (new student orientation).
  • Provide admission status of students.
  • Provide enrollment status of students for the upcoming term.
  • Provide various indicators such as EOP status, majors, Smittcamp, athletes, and others.

Purpose For The Persistence and Graduation Dashboard:

  • Provide selected persistence and graduation aggregated data to counselors for cohorts of enrolled students from their institution.
  • Provide and compares various retention data such as GPA, graduation and retention rates for students based on academic programs, gender, ethnicity, first generation, and others.

How To Receive Access:

  • Institutions who wish to become a partner and receive access to the dashboards must go through a vetting process starting with inquiring about the tools through Undergraduate Student Recruitment. Needs of your institutions will be evaluated.
  • If you are a high school, your school district must agree to sign a data sharing agreement provided by Fresno State.
To receive access
Tab number Heading Content
1 High School Partners
  • Kings Canyon Unified School District
  • Sanger Unified School District
  • Cutler-Orosi Unified School District
  • Hanford Unified School District
  • Fowler Unified School District
  • Dinuba Unified School District
2 Community College Partners Please check back for a list of our community college partners


Screenshot of Counselor Admission Dashboard

Screenshot of Counselor Admission Dashboard


Screenshot of Persistence and Graduation Dashboard

Screenshot of Persistence and Graduation Dashboard