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Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships


The verification process is essentially an audit on the information that you have reported on your financial aid application to ensure that it is accurate and that you are receiving the financial aid that you are eligible for. 

If you are selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, we are required to complete verification on your file before awarding and/or disbursing financial aid. The process can take several weeks, especially during the summer, so it is important to submit any requested documents to our office as soon as you can to ensure that your financial aid is ready prior to the fee payment deadlines!

 You'll want to log in to your Student Center and take a look at your To Do list. 

If there are items on your To Do list, you can click the "details" link in the corner and then click on each item's hyperlink to find more details on what is being requested.

Check out our tutorial for how to check your To Do list!

 It depends -- Some of the documents that we are requesting are forms that are published on our website and some of the documents that we are requesting you will need to get directly from the IRS. 

When clicking into the To Do item, it will tell you whether or not you are looking for a form from our office or a document from the IRS.

Review our office forms and check out our tutorial on How to get a tax transcript from the IRS!

  • Request your Federal Tax Return Transcripts from the IRS when your complete your FAFSA, so that you have them available should they be requested!
  • Monitor your To Do List on your Student Center
  • Respond quickly to requests from our office... Really, putting this off can cause you a lot of stress if your financial aid is not ready in time!
  • When completing the forms, provide as much information as possible to avoid the need for additional requests or clarification
  • Submit your documents prior to our priority deadlines to ensure you are considered for as many aid opportunities as possible!
  • If you have questions about your situation, contact our office for additional guidance!