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Admissions and Recruitment

Fresno State Spring 2021 Welcome Home Initiative for Upper Division Transfer Students 

(The extended deadline to submit your appeal for this initiative is November 1, 2020)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students will not be considered for Sociology, Social Work, and Nursing.


The Welcome Home Initiative is a new admission program for transfer students enrolled at a 4-year college/university outside the area who have now returned home due to COVID-19. If they meet the criteria, we will provide an option to enroll at Fresno State for the spring 2021 semester. 

In order to qualify for the Welcome Home Initiative, students must meet the criteria below:

  1. The student must currently reside in one of the following four counties: Fresno, Kings, Tulare, and Madera.
  2. The student must have attended an accredited four-year university outside of the four counties listed above during the spring 2020 or is currently attending this fall and is not able to continue in spring 2021 due to COVID-19.
  3. The student must make a phone or Zoom appointment with a Recruitment staff  Please specify the “Welcome Home” on the appointment request form.
  4. After meeting with a Recruitment staff, the student must submit a complete appeal. A complete appeal consists of:
    1. The signed appeal form
    2. The student's personal statement
    3. The copy of the Transfer Worksheet provided by the Recruitment counselor
    4. A copy of the student’s *unofficial transcript with final spring or summer 2020 grades and in-progress courses if the student is currently enrolled at their home campus for fall 2020.
    5. A copy of the student’s *unofficial AP scores if needed to satisfy admission requirements for Fresno State (The student will need to order official AP scores if the appeal is approved)
  5. Meet the CSU Upper Division Transfer admission requirements found at or meet the special COVID-19 guidelines provided by the CSU
  6. Students cannot apply and will not be admitted to Sociology, Nursing, or Social Work. 

*Must be unofficial transcript PDF printouts from the student’s portal or account and must clearly identify the student. No screenshots or pictures will be accepted.


"Welcome Home Initiative” Admissions Step by Step Guide for Upper Division Students

The steps below outline the process for assisting and admitting upper-division transfer students who meet the requirements for the Welcome Home initiative. Students must complete all of the following and submit their Cal State Application by November 1, 2020.  

  1. The student is highly encouraged to attend one of the weekly webinars hosted by Admissions and Recruitment to find out more about this program and determine if they are eligible.
  2. The student must schedule a phone or Zoom appointment with a Recruitment counselor. Click on this link to schedule an appointment. Select “Welcome Home” under Appointment Reason when requesting your appointment. 
  3. After meeting with your Recruitment counselor, the student must submit a complete appeal to apply late to the Recruitment staff with whom you have worked. The appeal packet must include:
    • The Admissions Appeal Form
    • The student’s personal statement
    • The Recruitment Transfer Worksheet completed at the time of the appointment with the Recruitment staff
    • Unofficial college transcripts with final grades for spring or summer 2020, and if the student is currently enrolled in fall 2020 courses, the transcript must show all courses in progress*
    • Unofficial AP scores if required to meet the admissions requirements for Fresno State*
      • *Must be PDF printouts from the student’s portal or account and must clearly identify the student. No screenshots or pictures will be accepted.
  4. Upon review and approval of the appeal by the committee, an invitation code will be emailed to the student with directions on how to apply. 
  5. The student must submit their application within 48 hours of receiving the invitation code.
  6. If admitted, the student will be required to accept their admission, register, and pay for their Dog Days session (mandatory new student orientation) by the deadline of November 15, 2020.
  7. The student will be required to attend their mandatory Dog Days.
  8. If the student is not currently enrolled at another institution for fall 2020, the required final official documents are due by October 15, 2020 (Final official transcripts and AP test scores, Military DD214 or Joint Services Transcript (JST) if applicable)
  9. If the student is still currently enrolled for fall 2020, the official transcript with final spring 2020 grades and fall 2020 in-progress courses are due by October 15, 2020. The final official transcript with fall 2020 grades is due as soon as fall grades are posted or no later than the deadline of January 15, 2021