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Dog Days

Online Orientation: Section 1:7

Graduation Requirements

A. Total Unit Requirement
You must complete a minimum of 120 units to earn a bachelor’s degree. Transfer students must also take into account the following:
        A maximum of 70 units can be transferred to Fresno State from a community college. Coursework taken above 70 units may still be applied to graduation requirements but not toward the total unit requirement.

B. Major Requirements
You must complete all of the coursework required by your major. The number of units required by a major can range from 30 to 77 units.

C. General Education
You must complete 51 units in General Education, including 12 units of upper division GE. (some majors have specific GE requirements)

D. Upper Division Writing Skills (UDWE)
You must have completed a minimum of 60 units prior to fulfilling the UDWE requirement. The requirement can be filled by:

Passing the Upper Division Writing Examination (UDWE)
Passing a “W” course with a grade of C/CR or higher
      (Some majors require a specific W course)

E. Residence Requirement
You must complete a minimum of 30 units at Fresno State, 24 of which must be upper division, 9 must be in General Education and 12 in your major.

F. Upper Division Requirement
You must complete a minimum of 40 units of upper division (junior-senior level) courses; this includes any upper division coursework taken at another four year university.

G. Overall GPA
In order to graduate you must be in good standing with a grade point average above a 2.0 in the following categories:
    1. Major units - taken within a specific major
    2. Campus units - all courses taken at Fresno State
    3. Total units - all courses taken at all colleges and universities attended

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