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Dog Days

Pre-Orientation Checklist

Check in tents during Dog Days

When you're getting your things ready to leave for orientation, please do not forget to bring the following things that may be helpful on your orientation day.

Pre-Orientation Checklist
Item Reason
Sign up for a FREE Fresno State email account This is how our campus will communicate important information to you. If you have not already, you may sign up by visiting and clicking on "Get an account now!"
Complete your mandatory Online Pre-Orientation A link will be sent to you in a reminder email two weeks prior to your Dog Days Orientation. Using the link you will need to create an account in the Dog Days system using your Fresno State student ID number. The Online Pre-Orientation takes approximately one hour to complete.
Bulldog Card Your Bulldog Card is your official Fresno State ID card. You can visit their website regarding the new procedures to get your card. Click here for more information..
General Catalog & Class Schedule The Catalog and Class Schedule are both available online for free. Students can access the schedule of classes through their Student Portal.  The Catalog can be viewed here:
College Transcripts These may be beneficial when trying to get questions answered by admissions, evaluations and/or counselors.
A pen and paper The day will be packed with lots of information; you may find it helpful to take notes.
A copy of your Dog Days Confirmation email This is not necessary to have unless you have had to reschedule your Dog Days date multiple times.
Immunization Records

The CSU system requires students to show proof of the immunizations for Hepatitis B, and Measles & Rubella. Proof of immunizations can be given to the Health Center during orientation or sent over before the end of your first year.

If you cannot locate your immunization record students can take a free test at the Student Health and Counseling Center to determine what immunizations they have received. 

A sweater or sweatshirt It may be 100 degrees outside, but some of our classrooms and buildings tend to be on the colder side.
Any other correspondence from the university that may aid in answering questions If you have any other business to take care of with other offices on campus, you may want to bring the materials necessary to have those questions answered. All offices are holding virtual office hours to assist you.