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Dog Days

Online Orientation: Section 1:5

Freshmen - ELM & EPT


Entry Level Math Exam (ELM)
Unless exempt, all incoming freshmen are required to take the ELM before enrolling in a math class. The ELM must be taken before a student can enroll in the Quantitative Reasoning (B4) requirement of general education. Students who have not received a passing score of 50 or higher on the ELM must complete Math 4R or Math 1RB with a grade of “CR” or better, by the end of the second semester at Fresno State.
If you do not pass the ELM you must enroll in the appropriate remedial mathematics course(s) during your first year at Fresno State. The ELM can be taken multiple times, but remediation deadlines do not change.

For more information visit

English Placement Test (EPT)
Unless exempt, all incoming freshmen are required to take the EPT before enrolling in an English class. Fresno State students who have not already met the English writing requirement for General Education with high-school AP test scores have the opportunity to choose which freshman writing course is right for them.

Visit the English Department’s website for more information:

The DSP Program offers three options to you after you have taken (or are exempted from) the English Placement Test. To help you select the proper classes, download the pdf. below which illustrates the Directed Self-Placement program.

Early Start Program
Incoming freshmen who do not pass the ELM and EPT exams are required to complete an Early Start Class during the summer. There are several options including online classes. Visit the Early Start website to learn more about your options and how to sign-up.

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