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Dog Days

Online Orientation: Section 1:6

General Education

All students must complete 51 units in General Education, including 12 units of upper division GE. Some majors have specific GE requirements and some majors like Liberal Studies and Engineering have exemptions for GE.

General Education can be split into two broad categories: loge sheetwer division and upper division. Both can be found on the official GE sheet as well as courses that fulfill each category. 

General Education Sheet

A. Lower Division
Lower division GE courses include courses like english, math, and history. For freshmen students, lower division GE is the perfect opportunity to explore subjects that interest you outside of your major. In some cases students declaring a minor can fulfill some requirements through lower division GE. Many transfer students will have completed their lower division GE at their previous university.

Lower division classes are numbered 1-99.

B. Upper Division
Upper division GE classes are required of all students. There are four required courses and contrary to popular belief, there are no classes at a community college that will fulfill upper division GE. By rule, community colleges do not offer upper division coursework. Transfer students who are coming from another four-year university may have classes that count towards upper division GE. You should consult with an academic counselor to find out more.

Upper division classes are numbered 100 -199.

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