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Online Orientation: Section 1:5 Transfer

Catalog Rights

University requirements change from time to time. If you are a transfer student, you need to determine what general education, major and other graduation requirements you need to follow. Transfer students can follow the criteria below to determine what your catalog options are.

  1. Transfer catalog: The California State University, Fresno catalog in effect when your continuous enrollment began (defined below).
  2. Entrance catalog: The catalog in effect when you enter California State University, Fresno (Fall 2013). This is your default catalog.
  3. Graduation catalog: The catalog in effect when you graduate from Fresno State.

Continuous Enrollment

To know whether you have rights to a previous Fresno State catalog and to determine which new requirements may apply, you must understand the concept of continuous enrollment. Continuous Enrollment begins when you have graduated from high school and enroll in any California Community College (CCC) or California State University (CSU). You maintain continuous enrollment as long as you register one semester (or two quarters) of each calendar year (not school year). Enrollment through extension courses or Open University does not count towards continuous enrollment.

Once catalog rights have been established, attendance at accredited colleges/universities outside the CCC and CSU count for continuous enrollment as long as you return within two years.

  • If you have attended only private colleges/universities, out-of-state colleges/universities the University of California system
  • you can choose your entrance catalog (2013-2014 General Catalog)   or your graduation catalog.

An academic counselor/advisor can assist you in determining which catalog year is best for you.


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