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Dog Days

Online Orientation Section 2:5

Debt Management

The California State University system requires all students to receive some type of debt management presentation as a part of new student orientation.The information below is just the very basics of credit card debt. We encourage you to learn more on your own by visiting some of the websites recommended below. Students should be knowledgeable about credit cards and student loans terms as well as how to protect themselves from identity theft.

The average college student will graduate with about $24,300 in student loan debt and about $4,100 in credit card debt. More students than ever are turning to student loans and credit cards to finance their education. With student debt reaching record highs it is vital that you have a clear understanding of the cost of education as well as how to plan and budget for your short and long term financial well-being.

Tips for student loans:

 - Know what types of loans you have been offered, are they subsidized or unsubsidized and what is the difference between the two

 - Know who your lender is and what the terms of repayment are

 - Only borrow what you need. You don not have to accept the full amount offered to you

 - If you have questions regarding student loans or financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Office

Tips for credit cards:

 - Read and understand the terms and conditions related to your credit cards

 - Beware of low introductory rates

 - Don't charge unless you need to

 - Make your payments on-time to avoid late fees

Helpful websites

Fresno State Financial Aid Office

Federal Student Aid

American Student Assistance

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